The Psychology of Dictatorship

June 17th, 2013 11:56
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Metin Yilmaz


Firstly, Turkish People enter the streets to protect their future and freedom of country from some kind of darkness which are Islamo – Facsism , all form of terrorism and ethnic separatism.

But our PM is more than a dictator and I can’t describe what Erdogan is, because he twists our aims, actions, demands and words as ever.

Here is some lies of Erdogan:

1-) The Turks first get drunk then had group sex in the mosque.

But next day our people released a video which shows people having first aid and took shelter into the mosque.

2-) The Turks beat up my relative’s daughter in law who is 25 year old with a baby in ferry port of Kabatas for wearing headscarf and urinated on her , I have video about it and will relase it.

Bur Erdogan never proves his claim and Kabatas is one centers of European side of Bosphorus and near the Dolmabahce Place so there are so many city surveillance cameras but nobody witness of Erdogan and the woman claims, and all cameras are recorded around where Erdogan’s woman there but camers also lied Erdogan and his woman, shortly there is no video about it, then the woman’s father-in-law has disclaimed his daughter in law and Erdogan, then Erdogan ask him; are you telling me as a liar?, after Erdogan’s rebuke poor father-in-law give support again Erdogan, on the other hand, today the woman identified and she is a professional Islamist and journalist who works for Erdogan’s aims against Turkey and she is a worker of Islamo-Fascism for years under Erdogan patronage and for their aim she uses her body and honor(!) on this way without shame.

3-) The protesters are terrorists.

They are students, women and ordinary Turkish citizens and they never support terrorism but Erdogan is holy patron of all form of terrorism in Turkey.

So you can see how the Islamists mentality is!…Dangerous dangerous and honorless.

After the Police raid in Taksim Gezi Park, he said that the operation was carried out and it was cleaned up, it was my duty to crush protests .

This is real Erdogan and a democrat PM can’t talk like him.

Erdogan also had used chemical tear gas in Turkey on Turkish People and when a policeman inserting it into a vehicle Erdogan’s media exposed it too, but they refused it and said it was coloured water(!)

4 people have been killed, including a policeman, 10 youths lost their eyes, thousands of Turkish are injured and arrested and Erdogn’s..

On his last visit to the U.S. the Americans had presented a book Erdoğan’s wife, Emine Erdoğan, every anti-tayyibans were sure that she didn’t know what she was holding and smiling for, but that shows except Tayyibans everyone knows Erdogan’s dictatorial mindset out of Turley too, which is always underlined by me on this page..


Shortly, I sum up Erdogan again.